Tucson Allergies Especially Bad in Spring 2015

Tucson Allergies Especially Bad in Spring 2015

Not many Tucson allergy seasons have been as bad as the Spring of 2015. This past winter, it rained a little more than previous years and didn’t freeze as often. This created the perfect conditions for plants to release lots of pollen this Spring. We’ve been getting a lot of emails and phone calls from non-patients this year that are not able to cope with the symptoms of allergies (i.e. itchy mouths and eyes). Most of the people that are calling in are borderline patients that can withstand a fair amount of pollen and allergies, but this year has sent them over the edge.

Steps to Prevent Pollen Allergies in Tucson 2015

There are some things you can do outside of receiving treatment at one of our allergy clinics in Tucson or Case Grande. If allergies for pollen are really getting the best of you in 2015, take these steps:

  • Try to stay inside during the most critical periods of the day when pollen counts are high like late morning and early afternoon. Pollens typically are released by plants when they sense the right temperature, and when the sun is blazing in Tucson, those little pollens are less likely to be spreading around. But in the morning, if you’re hiking up Sabino Canyon, or somewhere in the Foothills, you’re way more likely to encounter a heavy pollen count.
  • Most allergists or allergy experts tell you to stay indoors and keep the windows closed. Most people know this already. The additional things that you can do in and around your home are make sure that your rugs are cleaned off every day that sit beneath your outside doors. A lot of pollen is drug into your home through your shoes. If you can maintain and clean home and knock your outdoor rugs off frequently, you’re less likely to bring those little pollen spores inside. The other thing that you can do is make sure your HVAC system has clean filters. Call an HVAC company to come service your unit, or do it yourself to prevent pollen from staying inside your home.
  • Use recycled air inside your car. Have you ever seen that little icon on your car’s dashboard that looks like a recycled symbol next to your heating and AC settings? Make sure you’re using the symbol that resembles a loop when running your AC. Allergies in Tucson are especially bad along roadsides where wind has whipped up various grass and shrub pollens. These irritants can get inside your car and give you and allergic reaction.
  • Having an allergy test to find out what are you allergic to, and how bad the allergies are can help in your out door activity, and landscaping plans. you can greatly reduce the amount of pollen that’s produced on your property, by checking with your local landscaping service provider or plant nursery to determine if the plants that you choose are right for you.
  • At Allergies Bad 2015 Tucson we’re focused on educating you with the best possible information so that you can stay healthy, and in a good standard of living. if you need more information please contact us to be scheduled to see one of our providers.

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